Hemp derived D8 Spray Wholesale

Hemp derived D8 Spray Wholesale

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D8 sublingual spray is a ideal method to make anything a edible with ease!
For fast acting spray under tongue!
Even cooking! 
each bottle has 2oz of mct / hemp derived d8 
one squirt from the spray bottle is roughly 3-5 mg per spray! 

easy to make edible stir fry and calculate the dose easily! Or many other things!!!!!! 
D8 from hemp 
Lab tested 

Wholesale hemp derived d8 indivually packaged Bottles
Excellent for Smoke shops or other retailers! 
The variety packs can come in any custom quantities
For instance. 50 wholesale could be
5 flavors of 10  each 
2 flavors of 25 each or however you would like it. 

Primal Drops branding
Pesticide Free
Guaranteed delivery 
excellent packaging for resale
$25 MSRP